Living the Alzheimer’s Journey

Bobʼs Last Marathon is a podcast devoted to helping families and friends of people with Alzheimerʼs disease create the best life possible for their loved ones and themselves.

Each episode features firsthand stories from family caregivers and advice from professionals about facing familiar everyday challenges—while continuing to celebrate the essence of loved ones who bring light to our lives.

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Anti-Amyloid Therapies: Progress and Promise

4 pm Eastern time, 1 pm Pacific time

Steven E. Arnold, MD, Harvard Medical School
David A. Wolk, MD, Penn Memory Center
Moderator: Felicia Greenfield, MSW, LCSW, Penn Memory Center

Join us for this 75-minute roundtable as panelists share ideas and answer audience questions. The program will be streamed live. Pre-registered attendees will have access to Q&A and participate in polls.

Featured Episode

Living Well

Caregiving and Mental Health

Bob's Last Marathon
Bob’s Last Marathon
Caregiving and Mental Health

Caregiver stress and burnout are not uncommon, as caregiving for someone with dementia is a journey that demands resilience, compassion, and understanding. Felicia Greenfield, MSW, LCSW, describes a case study and urges our listeners to navigate caregiving while prioritizing mental health and well-being. She recommends a combination of self-care practices—such as meditation, exercise, spending time with family—and a willingness to ask for help in caring as well as in maintaining one’s own mental health. In her words, “It’s never too late to start caring for yourself.”

Feb 14, 2024 11 Min 24 Sec TRANSCRIPT