Living the Alzheimer’s Journey

Podcast episodes feature firsthand stories from family caregivers and advice from professionals about facing familiar everyday challenges—while continuing to celebrate the essence of loved ones who bring light to our lives.


Crossroads—Confronting Life’s Challenges

What does it take to apply for the Medicaid waiver program to cover custodial home care services? How do we develop a comprehensive plan for the future? 

Bob's Last Marathon
Bob’s Last Marathon
Looking Ahead

Nancy Galgoci offers guidance on navigating the financial complexities of the Alzheimer’s journey, based on her professional and personal experience. She shares insights about applying for the Medicaid waiver program to cover custodial home care services.

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Whatʼs important to our loved onesʼ well-being? How do we integrate these key elements into day-to-day activities? How does day care compare to home care? What about long-term care?

Living Well

How do we plan daily routines to help our loved ones stay engaged and healthy? What about caring for ourselves? How do we respond to our loved ones compassionately, at all times? What roles can art, music, and cognitive training play in our loved onesʼ well-being?


Whom can we turn to when we need help? What are community resources we should know about? What can we expect from our family? Our friends? What roles can support groups play in our caregiving? Should we participate in clinical trials?


Denial can get in the way of moving forward. How do we recognize signs of denial and how do we overcome it? How do we begin to think about the tough decisions ahead of us? What happens when we face difficult and perhaps aggressive behavior?

Check the website regularly to find up-to-date resources for support such as helplines, classes, and books. These expert sources are gathered with the help of care professionals and organizations dedicated to the needs of people with dementia.